I’m sitting on the deck of our cottage in Mui Ne looking out over the South China Sea.  Just one week to go in the holidays.  I’ve worked a bit on the collection of my favourite photographs from the trip.  I think I have a few more to add from Italy and India.  But here they are so far.  To the left is the temple at Angkor Thom.  A favourite place of mine.  It holds the quirky giant heads that apparently all looked a bit like the king who commissioned them.   


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3 Responses to “Cate”

  1. Pat Says:

    Hi Catherine and gang. 43 days! Holy smokes! Seems just like yesterday you left. The photos and slide shows are awesome. I think the gnome idea is a good one.

    You are missing a lot of fun stuff here. CM is back and playing squash. I think he is planning to crush you when you get back. Just saying.

    I brought a box of Timbits to work last Thursday and it made everyone (sniff) think of you.

    Frosty and I are whipping the gang into a moving frenzy. I finally convinced HM to toss the half filled coke bottle that sat on her cabinet for 2 years (or however long she has been here).

    Happy RTK week! The guys did themselves this year getting proclamations. We even got one from the Klingons. Weird, eh? Are you going to do some RTK thing and send us a photo like DW did? The more quirky the better.

    Thanks for the postcard too. Very uplifting.


    1. Hi Pat

      I think Helen has a box of old donuts in there too – better check. I can certainly guess whose idea the Klingon thing was. Glad to hear you’re whipping the troops into shape in time for the move. Really sorry to miss that! Sue (D) has promised not to lose my furniture! We’ll see what we can do about RTK. Very short on space here for grand artistic projects.

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