Half Marathon in Varanasi?
As many of you know, I like to run and my favourite distance is a half. Two days ago they ran a half marathon in Varanasi. Well I would have run it but for the training limitations:


5 Responses to “Anne-Marie”

  1. Vanessa Geary Says:

    hi — just got back from a glorious month off and so just looked at your blog … looks and sounds as if all of you are having a wonderful time – hooray! the summer has been great — just over a week in the fog of long beach (when we arrived, on day 1 of the campfire ban, I couldnt figure out why everyone was hauling firewood down the to beach … then discovered that we were in a 2km exempted fog zone!!) was a bit much, despite a 38lb fish, humpbacks and actual standing up before falling off the surfboard! But then we got some real heat at Lac La Jeune where we did some great riding (the boys gave me a full suspension bike for my bday). Now back to reality, which isnt too bad as things seem to be falling into place.
    Enjoy the canals and look forward to reading and viewing more soon.

  2. Mona Says:

    Well I have taken a peek at your adventures and it certainly looks wonderful. I know that you are missing Victoria and the rain, but not to worry it will be the same when you come home, have fun,

  3. Dear Aunt Deb Says:

    My first time in quite a while on your site. I just don’t spend time on my computer. Great photos, lucky kids. Lovely fall weather here and you’ll be happy to hear that it is supposed to be a mild winter this year! It sounds like you’re all having a great time and even thinking about running! Looking forward to seeing you all.

  4. Thomas Barkemeier Says:

    Hey Anne Marie,

    You guys made it to India and it seems like you are all having a great time. Congratulations and thanks for the great blogs and photos!

    Sorry that I didn’t answer your mail a couple of weeks ago concerning the Varanasi hotels. I was in eastern Canada and didn’t carry a laptop. Just got home late last night.

    I am gonna be home for two weeks before my two months Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar-trips start. I am already looking forward to meetings you lovely people in Cambodia. You should be in Jaipur now amnd celebrate Hequiats birthday. Have you already decided where you are going after Pushkar?

    Anyway, curious, open minded, happy and people lovind as you all are you will always enjoy travelling – have a greta trip

    Huggs and kisses


  5. Teresa Says:

    Hi Anne Marie,
    Soren just sent me your blog address – what a wonderful adventure for your family. but you were in the neighbourhood and I didn’t know! so sorry we missed connecting. please stay in touch.
    peace, Teresa

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