Barb and AM and picturesque Blomidon beach

Barb and AM and picturesque Blomidon beach

This week’s adventure involved a hike in Blomidon Park. The Park overlooks the Minas Basin. We got there from Baxter’s Harbour where we were visiting with our buddies Barb and Stronach. We were staying at a cottage right on the Bay of Fundy beside a small water fall. The weather was stormy all weekend so there are also a few snaps of the many rainbows that appeared over the weekend. We could see Cape Split from the cottage.

The drive from Baxter’s Harbour to the Park took us along highway 358 with an amazing lookoff into the Annapolis Valley. Anne Marie took a couple of snaps of the view. Blomidon is closed by September 5 so we parked at the lower parking lot and climbed the Jodrey Trail which begins there. The views really were as advertised – spectacular. The tide was falling so we could see the shore and cliffs as we hiked up to the Park itself. Along the way, there were apple trees filled with apples and quiet leaf filled forest trails. We hiked for an hour and reached the two look off points just beyond the camping area of the park. Not a hard hike but a few moderate climbs here and there. Should have brought a lunch. We plan to return in the summer with a good lunch so we can complete the full hike. We hiked back through the camping area and saw some really nice camp sights that take full advantage of the views of the Minas Basin.

On our highly unscientific scale of 1-10 we give it a 7.5:
food & drink = n/a
service = n/a (no one was there!)
exercise = 7
happiness = 8 (beautiful views, great company)