We’ve been in Nova Scotia for 2 years now and have been diligently exploring it. This past summer we set ourselves a list of 20 adventures – 10 in our neighbourhood and 10 anywhere in Nova Scotia. We managed to complete 19. We ate a picnic lunch in Halls Harbour, had coffee at the General Store in Mill Village, wandered the Blue Sea Beach and explored Big Tracadie Island to name a few.

This winter we’ve set ourselves a new list of 20 adventures which began with lunch at Luckett’s Winery. Luckett’s is 88 km from Halifax and sits on a hill overlooking the Gaspereau River Valley and on to the Bay of Fundy. It was a beautiful sunny fall day. We sat sipping wine on an outdoor patio overlooking the vineyards and the valley. I had the Peach Wine Georgia – lovely sweet fizzy wine. Anne Marie had the Phone Box Red – not great. The food was good, especially the baked brie. $74 for lunch all in.

We give it a 6.75 on our scale of 1 to 10:
food & drink = 7
service = 7 (got offered not the best seats available, had to ask for better, waiter did good job)
exercise = 5 (just a short walk through the vineyards)
happiness = 8 (the view was awesome)

After Luckett’s we stopped along the Gaspereau River Road to buy the best apples I’ve had in years (elstars) from a local orchard ($3 for big! bag) and we picked up a three beautiful pumpkins for $5. An excellent adventure and one we’d recommend to our visitors.