Friends and Family

Have been settling into my Tunisian apartment. It is about 3k walk from town with lovely views. Now a 3 k bike ride as I bought a new bike today. Hopefully it rides as nice as it looks. Still to get its real test yet.

Work is winding down to a more measured pace – had this weekend off and have our last weekend training next weekend. I have been working mainly with women training in public speaking, confidence building, candidate preparedness, door to door canvassing. Also some general candidate schools with political parties.  Ramadan comes July 7 and most, if not all, Tunisians will be fasting during the day and eating at night. Daytime slows down with shops open until about 2 and restaurants are open only in hotels. So work will be slower although I will move to my other major project, interviewing women legislators about conditions of work. I was very pleased when last weekend a political party agreed to a 20% quota for women and 20% for youth for their candidates for the election.

I will take a weekend away from Tunis in the middle of Ramadan to head for a little trip to Milan as there is a direct flight. And C will never want to go to the “fashion capital”!  C and I meet up in August for a vacation in France and Tunisia. Looking forward to that.

Otherwise still working on my French, understanding most of what I hear except when it is mixed with Arabic. But I understand some Arabic when it is mixed with French. Hmmm. I continue to tell people I am Canadian Anglaise but fewer and fewer need an explanation. Not sure that this means my French is getting better…

Big hugs to family, M&D, Jeff and Wendy and Nicki, all nieces and nephews, and to C, H and B of course,

and likewise to friends.

xoxo AM