The winter is winding down but we managed to fit in the last winter family adventure – dog sledding. We learned lots about the dogs, how to bring them to the sled (on two feet because with four they will run you over they are so strong), how to hook them up then the actual running. The dogs used to be Huskies or Alaskans but are now a mix of Hounds with a little bit of Huskie, faster and keen to run. It was very fun and we all would like to return. The owner of Timberland Tours Denis encouraged H&B to try out racing which they are both considering. There is one picture of the summer cart which is pulled by teams of 4, 6 or 8 dogs for dog cart racing. They also have a race where you hitch up to a dog and run your guts out, you and your dog. I am not so sure but B would probably be really good at it!

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