Good News:

Boxes are unpacked, cupboards are up and doors are on, floor is partially done.

Still to come:

Final trim for cupboards, leveling cupboard doors, order last box of flooring, counter to come soon, then tile backsplash, then paint room trim.

I have been busy working each day on the next steps in the kitchen or ordering what needs to come next. Cate has been at work for two weeks so that has slowed us down in the house organizing but we are pretty much unpacked. They are happy to have her at work and I miss her company and tireless Scottish-German work ethic! You know what I mean! Hesquiat arrived last week to stay a week and hit the ground running helping me insert a glass carousel in upper cabinets and various extra shelves into the cupboards. We both love the many ways Ikea gives for organizing! We had a big family birthday party for him and then more events over thanksgiving weekend. Bow and Louis-Charles came up for a visit with Hesquiat and us but had to boot it back to Sherbrooke to get ready for their second week of school. My mom was also here last week and that was nice to have her visiting. Both her arrival and Hesquiat’s party pushed us to finish the unpacking throughout the house getting us down to one dining room box, 6 middle bedroom boxes and the rest mainly unpacked. Cate is sorting and tackling shelves in the basement today. Do you know we have at least 3 boxes of winter clothes? We will need them! The weather this weekend is really lovely Ottawa fall – crisp and sunny. Hesquiat leaves tomorrow after helping with the final leveling of the cupboard doors. Pictures below. I look forward to the final kitchen reveal (as much as you do I am sure!?).

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Thankful from Ottawa for all our blessings of our children, family and friends. Best to all of you

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