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We are progressing slowly (as always, more slowly than expected) on the kitchen reno. Louis-Charles and Cate tore out the old cupboards which unfortunately revealed crumbling lathe and plaster. This required more work than touch up so we hired someone to tear down two walls to the basics and frame-up and drywall. The electrician has come and the final drywall goes in tomorrow. Then two more mud and sand. Then finally on to painting. In the meantime the big order of Ikea cabinets and appliances arrive tomorrow. We had changed a couple items from the order so I was able to learn at a slow pace by putting 3 different cupboards together today. Only required one call to ikea help centre and watched Adams Ikea reno video on Youtube! Anyway, here are some pics of our progress for those wondering or pondering their own. Tomorrow another 16 cupboard packages arrive – each with about 4 boxes depending on innards. The counter top guy is scheduled for Friday morning so probably pushing it to make that timeline. More likely Monday. BTW we are simply loving our house and neighbourhood! Look forward to showing it to those who already booked their visit!

I will post again later in the week to report out. Cheers and thanks for all the good wishes, AM