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Northern Ontario took us along memory lane past familiar sites including the Dryden and Kap pulp and paper mills. Remembering dinner time signaled by the mill whistle. But the best part were visits to childhood friends. See pictures.

Helen and Anne-Marie have been friends since Grade 4 in ThunderBay. We have each made intermittent efforts to stay in touch. Enough to keep us friends after 40 + years. Nice visit and lunch with Helen and her granddaughter Riley.

Carole and Cate have been friends since grade 9 when the kids from the French school and the English public joined in one school. Their history goes way back though. Carole’s mother remembers being moved out of the delivery room because Mrs. T was having twins! Sure enough, Carole and Cate were born on the same day. Good enough reason to be friends! We had a great visit with Carole and Jeff when we stayed with them overnight in Kap.

Just leaving North Cobalt from a lovely visit with Lori and Bill who fed us well and toured us around Lake Temiskaming, sharing the evening of their 34th wedding anniversary with us. And onwards, looking forward to our visit with Deb and Lyse and Lynda and Jen before we have to be in Ottawa to sign papers on our new house. The road trip is winding down but adventures of dts in Ottawa continue…..