Well I confess the Palladium Hotel is not our usual hotel choice when travelling.  This is one swanky place and, despite travelling in 14 other countries and staying at countless other hotels, Hesquiat’s new favourite.  I think it might have something to do with the all-you-can-eat buffets, teenager club (video games, pool table, ping pong, tennis,guitar, music, surfing, volleyball, foosball…)  We are also enjoying ourselves although missing Bow who would love the endless fresh fruit, for starters.  There are three beautiful pools here and a sandy beach.  The waves are just right for beginner surfers.  i think we’ll try a little boogie boarding today (surfing for old ladies).  It’s all good.  Hope the rain stops in Victoria before we return. 

The internet connection here is very poor so I’m not able to post any pictures  I don’t think.  I’m going to try one of the birthday girl at breakfast yesterday.