"I'm leavin on a the SUN, BEACH, and WARM WEATHER!"

” ¡Hola ¿cómo estás? ” that’s right, my family is traveling to the land of the Spanish. Or maybe the land of Puss in Boots, the spanish speaking cat from Shrek. Eh? Well, sad little me is now studying biology in my bed, with a virus/bacteria in my throat that I caught last week. I received the lovely call this morning  during my morning nap of recovery, that the DT’s minus  BDT have left the country 11:30am (ET) to go to Mexico. I answered my phone, with my croaky frog sick voice, and said goodbye and wishing them the best travels. I am glad to say you might be hearing of some adventures in Mexico, I hear some stand up paddle boarding might be done, and beach chilling.

I am going to return to my studying and sleeping, and healing. But I can note that although I am a little jealous of the warmth, it is supposed to be 17˚C high and 7˚C low on Saturday and Sunday, here in Sherbrooke.

– By BDT