Well as you all know it’s getting very close to a special someones birthday and I need to mail this parcel. Considering that I already bought a hundred stamps why would I not just use the ones I have to pay the one week fee to get it home, then use the $14 on hand.  So that’s right BDT put on 20 stamps, the post office lady was pretty shocked that I took the time to put on my own personal twenty stamps. And she also really adored how I decorated the paper.

So to conclude Happy Birthday Mommy! Your parcel is in the mail, and uhh it’s got a lot of stamps. 😉 I know it’s going to arrive after yall go to Mexico without me. That’s right everyone the Adventures of the DT’s are on a roll  again. Hope I get to see some posts of Mexico from my little residence room.

Signing Out BDT.