Well, I thought I need a little boost in happiness, energize, and I needed to give back to the community. So I booked in two hours at the SPA Sherbrooke, where I would walk dogs. All sorts of dogs, sick, young, old, sad, energetic, big and strong, small and barky. I really enjoyed my time and was so incredibly tried by the end of it. Obvisouly the dogs know when a volunteer is coming to walk them with dog leash in hand, because as soon as you enter the kennel they are either wild and crazy or calm and quite. But do not ever be fooled, because as soon as their out the door they need to run up the hill and full speed with every bit of energy they have. They all enjoy every minute you take them out the door, although they are incredibly sad and horrified when you bring them back in the door. The rules at this center are simple, you walk one dog at a time, for fifteen to twenty minutes, and you must avoid all contacts with other animals. Some other rules apply to certain dogs, for example do not let them bite you and eat garbage.

But all in all, as soon as they got out the door I gave them freedom they wanted. If they wanted to run for twenty minutes we ran, if they wanted to chase tails, or squirrels ( well we would never get to close) that is what they would be given. From my point of view, these are the unhappiest dogs, that might get to go out once a day from their kennel to go to the washroom. So for the twenty minutes they are with me, I am not going to try to train them or fix their bad habits, as it is not my responsibility. I came to have fun, and enjoy the beautiful fresh air with them. And we did very much, you can see the following slide show.

p.s. Detective and I created a song, themed to the Donkey Shrek song that goes lie so:

“I like to run and I can not lie,

You other dogs can’t denie,

With these itty bitty legs,

And ears past your face,

You Get SNOWED !”


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