So after spending my very first winter in Sherbrooke, I think I have some advice on how to have a good time. The first step is every time it snows you need to be super happy and excited that it’s snowing. Even if it’s soft and fluffy flakes, or huge clumped flakes, or wet cold flakes or hard-blown-in-your-face-by-wind flakes.  Just be happy and tell everyone it’s snowing! The joy of making them disapointed that it’s snowing or happy it extremely good for your health (my personal point of view). Especially if your friends come from countries where it is around 25˚C as an average everyday and they hate being cold or reminded sometimes makes me laugh, and eventually will make them laugh.

The second tool, I have devised is that you need to go and play or walk or explore in the snow at least once or twice a day. This includes throwing snowballs at friends, giving them snow slushies, making snowmen, and breaking of icicles, making huge letter messages in the snow, finding iced waterfalls and most important snow angels. But be very cautious, you absolutely need to zip up you pockets and close everything. Otherwise you will have lovely incidents as mine, where you lose identity cards, and cells phones in the snow. And when you go and get a replacement, the representative asks “How did you lose this item? I need to keep it for record.” , and I respond ” I lost it in the snow doing a snow angel. It’s  my first winter”. Usually they laugh and answer “That’s so cute!” or “That’s so adorable!”. I mean really, it’s not all that cute and not all that funny. Here I am paying this $20 replacement fee for a card and about $60 for the phone. Anyways conclusion be VERY VERY CAUTIOUS. In addition it is extremely fun to try to spell gigantic words in the snow and read them from the third floor and listen to your neighbours wonder who committed the crime.

The third tool, is to always dress for colder weather, because as soon as the sun sets or goes away, everything becomes extremely cold. This means have in your pockets or in your purse, backpack a pair of mitts, a scarf, a toque and a pair of leg warmers, these items are small and make the mos significant difference in how warm you body temperature is. They are also easy to remove and put on when needed. I have noticed that if your double up on mitts and wear a hood and toque it makes you much warmer too. From one of my Ontario friends, I have also learned that if you are walking, or you’re in the mall, or your outside and your warm in your coat. But when you open it you get to cold if you leave it for too long. He said the trick is to unzip your coat in intervals, for example closed for 10min and then open for 10min. That way your never to hot or to cold. This works really well, I find when you are in a mall or when your walking. I suggest that you never do it when it’s windy though because it just gets too cold.

Finally the best tip of all, is if the sidewalk, or pavement is to icy the best and ultimate way to get across, is to walk like a penguin by taking little steps. And don’t ever put too much weight on either of your feet because it could cause you to slip and fall on your bum.


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