His favorite face that he calls "Lion"

Charlie-Léo, a beautiful blue beta fish or Chinese Fighter Fish has been added to the DT’s family. He currently lives with BDT, in her boardroom in residences at the Université de Sherbrooke. Charlie became BDT fish when she needed someone to talk to and spend time with while she studied in her lonely little room. As she missed her pets in Victoria.

Charlie's Cup 🙂

Some of Charlie’s hobbies are to look at his reflection, dance to the music BDT puts on, swim in the sunlight, play freeze tag, and swim through his castle. Every now and then Charlie gets to jump, when he house gets cleaned.

Grande Fish Bowl he's pretty spoiled like most pet in the DTs

He currently moved into a Grande Fish Bowl from his plastic appartement. His most recently added some heating as of the snow storms made it a little nippy in his house. And the best of Québécois company some Petit Escargots.

Fish appartement 🙂

New home with the Chauffage and Escargots 🙂