I am sad to say that the most wonderful four-legged brother, Cooper Delorey has passed away. The best cuddly, adoring, loving, charming, calming, and reassuring dog of all times. Some of his favorite times that I recall might have been that he loved chasing his kids around the merry-go-round, and going to the dog park to swim in the ocean. But most of all playing with his dear doggy friends Annie, he will be joining her, in the doggy heaven, where you eat pigs ears for snacks, and wrestle with your friends, and chase squirrels for amusement. Cooper also enjoyed his times being dressed up for Halloween to visit our neighbor Isabel, and sunning himself in the back yard until he was so warm he need to nap in the shade instead. Among his favorite doggy snacks was also human food, like watermelon rinds, potatoes, carrots, rice, eggs, tuna, salmon and many more.

Cooper has many talents from eating the bread loafs of the counter, to cuddling his kids when they were little and sick in bed. I am not quite sure what the record was of home many things he ate of the counter or how many loaves. But I do remember one Easter when he had eaten two of 1.5lb  chocolate bunnies, and the evidence was a huge chocolate lake of vomit the very next morning. He did survive, but came very close to the dangerous zone of amount of chocolate eaten. Another time he felt a little snackish and decided to eat through a couple can of cat food. I mean he really opened the can with his teeth and ate the food. He never found the way to snack and clean up the evidence because every time we walked in the door, you would find the bread bag or an empty chewed up can or just a wrapper of something.  Cooper is a very cuddly and loving dog, he was known to take up the whole bed by using his four legs to push you off if you were unaware. Although he can be so patient and sleep so calmly, he was an excellent pillow as a kid. You could listen to each of his heart beats and his breaths and you put your head and his stomach. Cooper could also attempt to squeeze himself into small spots to nap, for example the couch.

Cooper enjoyed being the center of attention. During parties Cooper was known to lie in the one spot that everyone had to walk, so that each person had to step around him. Although he loved it when our dinner guests decided to sneek some food to him. Even though later his lovely owners would find out due to stinky doggy farts. Horrible stench that he never thought was him. Cooper was known just to approach people for some pets and kisses and loving becauese he loved the attention. Cooper was also a very active and sportive dog. He ran with his mommy and his sister Bow. He could run long distances paced very well, although ever now and then he would put out four paws to sniff a scent he found. Cooper was also a swimmer, and swam in the ocean at Dallas Road and Thetis Lake. Some other sports Cooper practiced wrestling, bite face, ball chase, sunning , napping, squirrel chase.

Here are some lovely photos of a dog that will be greatly missed.

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