Heading back to my home in Sherbrooke again, after passing a wonderful, relaxing, regeneration of energy, fun time in Ottawa with my relatives. Now that I live so much closer than Victoria (4610km) to Ottawa, I can travel very often to visit family. Although it still is a 5 hour trip from on place to the next, including the horrible 1 hour layover in Montreal bus depot. I personally think it’s horrible, maybe it’s just my bad experiences with the homeless that love to approach me as I’m waiting.

Although, for a first I think I slept almost all five-hour bus ride. Yes it’s an hour more this time, because with my lovely planning skills. I managed to get the milk run bus route. Otherwise known as the semi-express. Funny, yet not because they stop at almost every little towns gas station.

Over the past few times I have enjoyed all the different weather changes. My favourite, and first time experience this fall; was the changing of the leaves of all of the trees. I found it completely amazing, looks like a quilt, patched, striped, scratched with yellows, oranges, reds,greens, browns. Yet the question is in which was do the leaves change? From green to yellow, orange, red, then to brown? Or is the order different? Maybe I will find out over time. You have obviously seen the snow photos of that new season. 🙂

Well here are some trip to Ottawa photos. 🙂

This one is kinda a fun. A guy kite surfing in the parking lot on my way to Montreal.

cool eh?

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