This was created may long weekend 2011, so I thought I’d post it for amusement and catch up of the Tully Wedding 🙂

How yall doing? Gotta any clue where we went most recently for the May long weekend? Guess we can never stop blogging to yall, bout our travels. We went to Texas Houston, yes the very place where one says “Houston we got a problem”. Unfortunately I have already run out of Houston Texas Vocabulary, I should have learned some more. So yall are very lucky.

Lets see its, starts off going through the customs in Seattle, and the guy asked us why were we going to Texas Houston and we replied a wedding. He then says that probably the only reason to go to Texas Houston and we laugh. At least we knew that the Tully’s were all going to be there and that means a lot of laughs, smiles, pranks,  BAD (really bad) jokes, basically a very good time. Some plans of shopping, swimming, partying, celebrating and exploring and a ton of driving.

I was a little too tired to take some photos, on our travels there but here were some of the things I noticed on our two-hour drive. To start off, if any roads had to cross each other, a minimum of 6 or 10 (who knows), needed to cross at the very same point. In the car it felt like you were driving through a maze, with roads above you and beside you and underneath. It was amazing, and pretty cool, my brother and I thought at one of those spots Transformers might have been filmed. The next item that was noticed, was that if there was a field of cows, there was a field of birds too. Well, they were in the same field and each cow had a little white bird with tall legs that followed it around. Or maybe it was the cows that followed the birds?? And finally as we drove the neighbourhoods they went through sections of shacks with broken windows and pulled off boards, to really big lots brick fenced/walled in. There was rarely an “in between”. There were also a great amount of huge, tall signs along the highways, and some were very interesting.

Have you ever seen those cartoons, where people just sit in their cars, and people come out and bring their food to them??  Well those restaurants really exist. It’s like a parking lot, each spot has a drive-thru kinda microphone, where you order the food. Now, their advertisement sign, shows a girl on rollerskates with the food on a try. I wonder if that truly happens. 🙂

More Updates later from the Dts 🙂

by BDT