That’s right, you’re going to be receiving some blog posts, by BDADT. (Sounds cool eh? Sorta like a rapper artist name.) Here are some upcoming adventures that ehm ehm might be posted:

  • Once a week, a FOOD blog. How I am working out cooking in residences, trying out recipes and family favorites. Feel free to make requests for recipes.
  • Once a week (til I run out), of Recap adventures, “Bow as Newbie University Student”
  • Once a week  of simple adventures titled “Sherbrooke adventures, this will include, bike rides, runs, snow 😉 anything that doesn’t fall in the category of university and food. 🙂

Now the main question is why? Well I as a student cannot take the time to write each and every one of you a letter in snail mail.Considering that I spend a lot of time studying on the computer I thought this might be a wonderful solution. Lately I have been posting my photos on my Facebook page, but nobody there appreciates them as much as my fellow blog stalker friends. 🙂 And the best reason of them all would be because I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL! And need to KEEP CONNECTION.

So let’s go back to the fun blog part I most recently,yesterday spent my day playing in this wonderful thing called SNOW!!! That’s right Bow’s first “real winter” is coming. Some of you are probably thinking uuh oohh, “How is she going to survive?”. My answer is somehow and better than my lovely friends from Congo, Togo, Morocco, Kenya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Mexico, Ghana,Algeria because they are not accustom to cold at all. But I at least have some experiences from last trip in Montreal (When I dropped my gloves in a puddle in a snowstorm and got frostbite…:( )

So here are some photos of the first Sherbrooke adventure.

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Signing out BDADT ❤