DT's on Lynda and Jen's farm

We’ve arrived in Ottawa and have been enjoying the cold and snow.  Today we went up the Ottawa Valley to visit friends in Renfrew and Horton Township.   First we stopped by for a visit with Emily, Barry and their kids.  Emily is an old co-worker of Cate’s from the Renfrew County Legal Clinic.  Not only did Emily bake cookies, she got out of her pj’s early just  for us. 

Then we headed into Horton Township for a visit with Lynda and Jen.  The kids tried out snow shoes for the first time.  Bow would likely have had more success if Hesquiat had stopped pushing her over, stepping on the tails and poking his ski poles through the webbing.  Bow got the last word in with a sneak snow ball attack with the help of her mother.  Very satisfying.  Here are a few snaps of our day up the valley with friends Lynda, Jen, Lyse and Debbie.

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