Baby it’s cold outside!  I think we’ve been living on the west coast way too long because although it was only   -11 with a bit of a wind chill, we all had to bundle up in our long underwear to stay warm today.  Here we are at the end of our 7 hour hike around downtown Montreal today.

The DTs in Montreal

We started with a trip to the Universite de Montreal where Bow collected information about tuition, bursaries, residence and more  importantly, the gym and pool facilities.   After U of M we headed over to dad’s alma mater, McGill.   Hesquiat has some interest in attending McGill so we checked out the engineering department.  Unfortunately the mechanical engineering department just moved and so they did not have photos of graduating classes up on the wall – we were hoping to find a photo of grandpa.   Hesquiat was particularly impressed with the residence we toured because it was an old, and fairly fancy hotel.  He discovered a taste for luxury while touring around the world.  He’s promised his mothers a first class trip to Australia – no expenses spared.  We’re looking forward to that!

Bow took a bunch of snaps around McGill University and downtown Montreal.  I also took a few pictures at the U of M.   We all loved the city and I loved the crunch of the snow under my boots.  Last night we had dinner at Patati Patata.  I had a tofu burger for $1.75, the kids checked out the poutine and Anne Marie had French onion soup.  All delicious for just $31.  Almost as cheap as India!  Today we found the second best pizza restaurant in the world call Il Focolaio near Phillips Square (the best pizza restaurant in the world is Il Posto on Douglas St. in Victoria – honest).

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by Cate