Hello Everyone

Retrieving bike from a ditch near Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Mom has forced me to sit on the porch with her so she can type while I dictate my farewell message to you all – so here goes.  My favourite event on the trip was the bike ride with Fred and the gang on The Elodie.  I love exercising and biking is one of my favourite things to do so, of course, a week long bike ride was one of my favourite things.

My favourite place was Venice because of the canals.  I liked being in a city with no cars and only water for “roads”.   I enjoyed everything about Venice but particularly wandering around with Hesquiat until we were completely lost (all Hesquiat’s fault because he didn’t want to use the map). 

Beside the Grand Canal, Venice

A girl loves her food, but the best food was in India – rice with curried chick peas or cauliflower were my favourite.  Actually any kind of rice with veggies is my favourite.

The thing I learned about the world is that communication is the key.  You need to at least try to communicate, learn a bit of  the language of the country you’re visiting otherwise it’s just not as good an experience.  I’d like to learn Hindi but I wouldn’t want to go back to India.  India was just too busy, crammed with people and dirty – although some towns were okay like Pushkar and Udaipur.  I liked going somewhere familiar like Vietnam,  I found it easier to travel there.

Having travelled in many countries I can see now that Canada is very spacious.  All the countries we travelled in seemed very small with bigger populations.

Udaipur Palace #2

Other things I’ve learned on this trip is that if I travel with Hesquiat again, I need to bring really, really good ear plugs so I don’t have to listen to all the stupid songs he makes up about things like crappy bicycles, cuddling, being tubby, being dopy & sleepy… Alternatively, I wish I had brought a video recorder because sometimes he danced while he sang his songs and I could have posted the videos to torment him.

Overall, I really liked Italy and I’d probably go back there but not for such a long time.  I missed home and am looking forward to getting back to school and friends.

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