Yesterday and today we continued our exploration of the Cambodian temples in the countryside around Siem Reap.  Yesterday we took a tuktuk in the late afternoon to Ta Prohm.  This is the group of temples that still has trees growing in and around the buildings.  It was used in the Lara Croft movie a couple of years ago. 

Today we rented bikes and rode back to Ankor Thom, to see the temples with the faces again (called Bayon).   You’ll see pictures of statues without heads.  Because they are so heavy, theives cut off the heads to sell.  Some have been recovered and are in a museum nearby.  Some heads have been reproduced and you will see a photo of a cement reproduction that includes the imperfections of the original.

While the kids were not initially enthusiastic at the prospect of a 2 hour bike ride, as per usual, with a little exercise their moods improved.  Hesquiat started singing Christmas carols as we rode along and Bow protested loudly that, in fact, santa was not on his way any time soon.

The three hour bike ride got us good and ready for a swim in the pool when we got back followed by lunch while we lounged by the pool.  Tonight Anne Marie and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary – just a pair of love birds.  We’re abandoning the kids and treating ourselves to a fancy dinner at a local hotel.     

Tomorrow we fly to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  We’ll spend a few days there and then off to our final beach holiday.

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