By Anne Marie

Wat on the palace grounds in Luang Prabang

We are now day 3 in lovely Luang Prabang. Thanks to all those friends and other travelers who suggested Laos and especially Luang Prabang. Chris and Kenn, Tara and the wild 6 Aussies, forget everywhere else, come to Luang Prabang!!

It is lovely here – easy going, and small enough to ride around by bicycle. It is nice to be out cycling about without worrying about traffic. Nice for H&B too as it is so quiet here they can head out by themselves – last night they went for a shop at the night market without us.

Tuk tuk known as a "jumbo" in Laos

Despite all the frivolity from the festival our first night, folks were up to give rice to the monks in the morning, as were children off to school for 8am and parents back to work. Everyone was  a bit groggy and you could just tell the school kids were relaying their stories of scaring the tourists with firecrackers! The only traffic jam in town appears at 8am and 4pm for school drop off and pick up.

Our other days here have been filled with touring Wats, bicycling, and shopping for used books amidst cups of laotian coffee, fruit shakes and croissants. Cate led us on a walking tour of all the main sites in downtown plus through the vegetable market for some foodie pictures.

Pad Thai with fresh herbs

We have become obsessed with the pad thai at a local restaurant Cafe Ban Vat Sene and include a yummy picture for you. The noodles are accompanied by a selection of fresh herbs – mint, basil, spring onions and cilantro. Traditional Lao food is mainly meat based so we are only trying the vegetarian versions.

Today we plan to head off to the waterfalls about 30k away for a swim and walk about then Cate is planning a long bike ride for tomorrow. After today’s foray to a muddy end of town I am sure looking forward to it;)

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