by Cate

Hesquiat's Tiger

I’m sitting on the veranda of our guesthouse in Palolem  in a tropical rainforest by the sea.  It is a sharp contrast to the weather on the ranch we visited for a couple of days outside of Udaipur.  It was very dry and scorching hot on the ranch with no A/C for the wimpy tourists and there may have been a bug or two around.  Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the horseback riding through villages around the ranch and the food was great.  Hesquiat is becoming a spicy boy and Bow is very content with the large selection of vegetarian food everywhere we go. 

Bow's elephant

After two days on the ranch we flew through Mumbai to Goa.  On our flight here we didn’t stop in Mumbai but we did see the slums around the airport, reminiscent of the scenes from Slumdog Millionaire.

We’ve already made some friends here among the beach vendors.  Two gals chatted us up when we were walking together on the beach yesterday.  They are awaiting our return to their stretch of beach and promise to sell us  jewelry, clothing, henna etc – actually anything we need and it will be the best in India!  We’ll look forward to that interaction a little later today.

Here are some snaps from the ranch and countryside around Udaipur.  We can look back on it fondly now that we have clean rooms, a/c, t.v. and wifi access!

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