by Cate with photos by Cate & Bow

We arrived in beautiful Pushkar and after a very rocky start (dirty hotel, flies in my coffee, bugs in Hesquiat’s bed) things are much better.  We moved hotels and have settled in to “Inn 7th Heaven” a very lovely little hotel in the middle of the town.  Pushkar surrounds a muddy brown lake and has numerous temples and ghats.  We’ve wandered around doing some shopping and exploring in town and down a country road.  We made some new friends from the States (hi Angela and Lindsay), and heard from some old new friends from Australia (hi Marilyn & Ken). 

Lots of cow photos – they seem to have taken a liking to Anne-Marie. A brown one chased us home last night and a black and white one gave her a little “hoopla” as we walked by this morning. We really like all the cows being around, not so much the cow “piles”.

Tonight we’re heading out to a ranch to visit with the son of the owner of our hotel in Jaipur (the fabulous Meghniwas Hotel – highly recommend).  Here is a photo show of our first couple of days here.

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