We have now sent our second parcel home. Airmail India style was a great DT adventure today. Here is the package as it looked at the end: 

It started with weighing everything, then getting the approximate cost. Then pay the sewer to sew everything into a cloth-wrapped package. Then the seams of the package are sealed with wax and a stamp. While this was happening Hesquiat and Bow lined up in the stamp and mail line. By the time the stitching and waxing got done, they had reached the front of the mailing line. We paid our 1435 rupees, about $30 to send it on our way. It is addressed to both Amy and I so if it reaches home before we do (???!!!) then Amy can pick it up. We have also mailed a parcel home in Rome. We have been sending our cold weather clothes until we only have left our clothes suitable for 35* weather. And we continue to keep our souvenirs. By the time we fly home we will have very few clothes and just our favourite trinkets! We’ll let you know how Poste Italia and Poste India perform.

P.S. Christine reports that Poste Italia has delivered. They said 3 weeks and it was even faster than that! yahoo.