Photos by Hesquiat & Cate

Taj Mahal just after sunrise

We’ve arrived in Jaipur from Agra and are settled in to a very fancy hotel for Hesquiat’s birthday.  He’s sweet 16 today.  So far he’s had presents, breakfast cake,  and even decided to have an adventurous spicy lunch.  Maybe signs of things to come or signs that he’s learned that when in India, it’s best to eat Indian food! 

We only had one full day in Agra and so decided to visit the Taj Mahal at dawn.   You’ll see in the pictures that the colour of the marble changes as the light changes during the 1 1/2 hours we were there.  What you can’t see is that once the sun was truly up, the Taj Mahal actually sparkled because there are precious stones inlaid into the marble.  I think this is the most beautiful building we have ever seen in all of our travels.  Hope you enjoy the snaps.

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