by Cate

Hotel monkey enjoying a snack from AM

It’s a travel day for us today.  We’re taking the overnight train from Varanasi to Agra – about a 12 hour ride if all goes well.   Rumour has it this train is the worse for thieves, hopefully not worse than the train from Brugge to Paris.   A court decision is expected today to rule on possession of a holy site.  Two different religious groups have been fighting about it for 60 years.  There are police and soldiers everywhere in Varanasi and the decision is expected to be issued at 3:30 today.  Unfortunately we have to go to the train station at exactly the same time.  So we’re leaving early and planning to “relax” in the Varanasi train station.  I’m hoping it looks a lot more like the Delhi airport than the Varanasi airport.  But we’ve survived Vietnamese trains, train stations and soldiers so I figure we’ll be fine (don’t worry mom).

Not sure about internet access in Agra so you might not hear from us again for a couple of days when we get to Jaipur – fancy hotel planned for Hesquiat’s birthday on the 3rd.