Travel Advice by Hesquiat & Bow

Photos by Bow & Cate

Hesquiat wants everyone to know that if they’re coming to Varanasi they might want to bring nose plugs because there are quite a few animals who poop on the street.  Also, at night the bulls can get a little aggressive so you’ll want to avoid any confrontations,  Better to get lost at night than to try to pass a mad bull.  His third piece of advice to visitors is that although a sitar lesson can be quite enjoyable, you’ll have to enjoy both music and torture to enjoy a sitar lesson.  He complains that both index fingers, his knees, foot and hip are still aching from our 1 hour lesson.

Bow picked the traffic theme for our picture essay because she thought it would be interesting.  However, she discovered this morning when we headed out on our artistic project that wanting pictures of vehicles and getting them were two different things.  First, tons of people walked in front of us blocking the view, second the vehicles themselves were going too fast despite the crowd so it was hard to get a good picture, and third, she had to fend off offers of marriage from eligible shop owners.  Hard to take a picture and say no to a potential groom at the same time.

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