By Anne Marie & Cate

Today was our first day wandering the streets of Varanasi. Thanks to Thomas and Janice for encouraging us with their high praise of the mystic adventures to be found here. However, before we start on today we must share one of our first Indian experiences – the nearest big street is closed to car traffic after 3pm but a simple slip of some rupees to the police and we were on the way to our hotel. No problem.

We spent the morning with a tour guide walking various streets and ghats. The Ganges River is very high due to the end of the monsoon season so we cannot walk the ghats (others who have been here would know what this means) but we can meander the streets and visit various ghats. The colours of flowers, saris and painted temples, the smells of cow and goat dung, the cooking smells mixed with intermittent wafting garbage smells mixed with the holy and ubiquitous shrines, gods, and goddesses – the streets of Varanasi.

We are all enjoying ourselves and looking forward to the next 3 days without a tourguide, just bumbling along. We have plans for picture taking, a music lesson, ayurvedic head massage, reflexology, swimming at an expensive hotel and perhaps a bit of shopping.  Here are some pictures from our first day about town.

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