by Cate & Bow

We spent a few hours in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul this week.  This bazaar is clearly just for tourist, lots of jewelry, carpets, lamps, dishes, t-shirts and other tourist items.  Bow and I both took pictures in the bazaar and here they are – our first joint artistic effort.   Bow says she took the picture of the cat because his mooching reminded her of a certain little jack russell.

We were warned by the guide books to prepare to bargain and to never pay the asking price.  We didn’t find too many bargains – stuff was actually cheaper on the streets than in the market.  But we had a great time wandering around.  Hesquiat did buy himself a leather jacket and we got a few other little souvenirs and gifts (not to ruin any surprises or anything).  

We’re off to Delhi tonight and then after a 10 hour layover, on to Veranasi (wish us luck!),

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