Click here for BDT"S fav pics from Venice to Cinque terre


Yes. I have finally figured things out on this computer at the beach. This is trial number 1, please say something or tell me how it is. So I can post the bicycle, Berlin, Bricks, architecture slide shows that I’ve also promised.  IF is not a good slide show inform me please, so I can move on to trial 2 ( flickr). 

Anyway the beach holidayafter being a tourist is going really well. A pool to swim in, an ocean just hundreds of meters away, and hammocks to fall asleep in when life gets to hard. 

Mom and I went on an adventure of picture-taking in Cirali because only few photos have been taken.  And as a family we have come to an agreement that the sizes of pop bottles, and soft drinks are much too large in Canada  and the european size is absolutely perfect. I have also come to a conclusion that “fresh” peach juice from a can is amazing here. It is like real peach juice. Not the watered down chemically flavoured stuff we have in America. 

Wishing all the best in the horrible rainy weather from this 30 degree weather on a beach. 

BDToh! btw the pictures are not in chronological order.