by Cate

So I have quite a bit of time on my hands right now.  Spent yesterday in my bathing suit alternating between the bathwater warm ocean and the slightly cooler pool.   Other than that, I only have books to read and games to play with the kids.    So I’ve been sorting through my pictures of Europe and here are a selection.  Most of it is public art which is everywhere here.  A few of the snaps are from the Vatican Museum otherwise it’s just from the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, Veera, Middleburg, Lucca, Paris, Venice, Vernazza and Rome.  I’m feeling quite inspired and think I’m going to start collecting garden gnomes to spice the place up a bit when I get home.  I think Anne Marie will really like that.

I think  Bow will post some of her pictures next week.  She certainly notices different things from me and she’s taken a ton of pictures.  In the mean time…here you go

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