(With Assistance From Michelle)

It’s also Day 31 of Cooper and Lucy’s Adventures on Gabriola Island. Here are their highlights:

Best meal:
Cooper: one day we had salmon with our breakfast. Skookum!
Lucy: cat food! I hope there’s more cat food.

Best adventure:
Cooper: I chased that deer all the way down the road. I almost caught it. Almost.
Lucy: I snuck under the fence and caught a snake! I GOT A SNAKE!

Best moment:
Cooper: the day I snuck off and waded into the pond before the humans caught me.
Lucy: the cat rubbed up against me. She likes me! She really likes me!

Best thing overall:
Cooper: we get a cookie every time we come in from the outside. EVERY TIME!
Lucy: sometimes I get to snuggle with the people on the couch.

worst thing:
Cooper: I miss those other people.
Lucy: Where’s Cate? Oh yeah — and I get sprayed every time I growl at the orange dog. Doesn’t seem fair.

Ani says: it’s all been fun, but could the little dog please go home now. Or at least stop running circles around me. Cooper can stay. Please bring cookies.

Chai says: please, little dog, stay out of my litter box.

For photos of the gang, click on the picture below.