By:  Cate et. al.

It’s day 31 of our adventures and our last day in Europe.  I thought now would be a good time to give our friends and relations a summary of our recommendations for Europe.  Favorite countries, cities, sights, events, that sort of thing.  We’ve seen a fair bit in our whirl wind tour – Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.  Arches galour:

Menin Gate, Berlin

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Arco di Costantino, Rome

Famous landmarks:

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Windmills near Kinderdyjk


Tourist vest near Cinque Terre







  I have canvassed the family and our recommendations for you all are as follows:

Bow:  Favourite city is Venice because the canals are so beautiful.  She also recommends Italy as the best country to visit because that’s where Venice is!  Her favourite event so far was riding bikes in The Netherlands in the rain, against the wind for 7 hours a day (really).

Hesquiat:  Favourite country is The Netherlands because it was different from anything he’d seen before – especially the canals.  He recommends that friends and family visit Cinque Terre because of the pathways that you can walk and the views of the towns and the sea from the paths.  Hesquiat’s favourite event was also the bike riding through The Netherlands to Belgium starting from the Elodie each day.

Anne Marie:  AM’s favourite country is Italy because of the food, the towns, the weather, the art, the architecture – it’s all good.  Her favourite town/city is Venice or Paris – hard for her to pick.  Venice because of the canals and the fading beauty, Paris because it feels livable – generally the ambience.   Her favourite event was the view from the Arc de Triomphe and the tour of the canals of Venice on the vaporetti (water bus).

Cate: I recommend that you all visit The Netherlands.  The people are reserved but have a dry sense of humour.  The countryside is very beautiful, the roads are still only wide enough for an ox and cart so there’s plenty of farmland, all very well cared for.   My favourite city in Europe was Paris.  The people were quite friendly (contrary to warnings in the guidebooks) and the city was really beautiful.  Every street was interesting and quirky – stay in the Latin quarter if you go.  My favourite events were the walks we took on the ramparts at Ypres and later in Lucca and also meeting up with our friends Christine and Chantal and travelling the paths together around Cinque Terre. 

So there you all go, the DT’s tour of Europe.