By Cate

We just spent a couple of days in the pretty little town of Lucca, just north east of Pisa.  We arrived in time to have dinner in the Piazza Napoleon.  Here are a few snaps sitting out our table waiting for our pasta dinners.

The square included a carousel.  I tried to convince Bow and Hesquiat to go for a ride so I could take pictures of them but no luck there.

Our next door neighbours Chuck and Lynn recommended that we rent bikes and ride the top of the ramparts that surround Lucca.  The kids did the bike ride in about 15 minutes, probably violating local speed laws.   Then we all went for a very lovely walk in the late afternoon.  We had views of the city rooftops and a castle in the distance. 

Bow also flagged down a gelatto truck which made the whole trip worth while.

Now we are in Vernazza in Cinque Terre.  We had a 2 hour hike this morning to a nearby village.  There will be snaps and blogs to follow but if the kids try to tell you that they won the race home (they ran, we took the train), the truth is we won by 3 seconds and a 3 second victory is so sweet!