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Sorry to have disappointed some for having not posted in a while. I find that it is just so time consuming and I would rather spend time taking pics or working on french grammar now that I bought a book in Paris. Or even just chillin because that’s what vacation is about.

I really enjoyed the Bike and Barg tour with all of the Elodie Crew and Aussie’s and Africans. I also enjoyed Paris a lot, especially as we took the train from Brugges to Paris. The whole style of life changed. Although my expectations were high and I have to say somewhere inside I was disapointed. I loved visiting the l’Orse and going to EuroDisney( to watch my brother get a little queasy from RC racer and not the rollercoaster featuring Aerosmith). We then caught the train to Venice.

Of which I have to say that I love the city(from the cities we have visited so far)! Absolutely amazing! The canals are what make it so interesting and intriguing along with the buildings again. Maybe I will become an architect because I admire buildings so much. By the way, had we not been traveling for 2 more months I totally would have bought some masks and some glass work but its to hard to carry for that long. 😦 In my slide show you will see only that FAVOURITES of  Venice photos because I took so many there. 

Now we are in Lucca, Italy before we leave to Cinque Terra, Italy. I like this city because it is small and not a lot of tourists are here compared to in Venice. I’ve noticed that small cities are usually for me more memorable because you get to know everything a little bit better than in a huge packed tourist town. Not that I’m not a tourist.

 Chow! (As some of the italian store keepers say to us.) Be sure to watch the slideshow with photos of Venice and Lucca that will be posted on fllickr because there are too many photos for here. Miss you all!