by Hesquiat

I guess we kind of left our minions alone, I mean that in a loving sort of way. Sorry about that we haven’t found an internet café, or internet we could use to post a couple blogs. Right now we are on our way to Ypres, by train. This morning was our last time of the famous barge called the Elodie. The Biking was quite fun, unfortunately there was a lot of wind, rain, and complaining about sore bums, along with many other complaints. Our Tour guilds name was ‘Fred’, He was quite the guy. He not only took quite a bit of abuse of the bitter sore bum complainers, but also had to repeatedly look for a new route because of new roads, and old ones being replaced or something like that. Our cook, or should I say, cooks, were wonderful! WE had an issue with the chefs on the first day because the original chef ended up being sick, then we had two others come while our main chef made his way to the Elodie. His name was Paulo. 

                When Paulo cooked, the kitchen was always very clean, and everything that was not needed any more was put away. After he made the fabulous food, he put it on a plate, and then made it look pretty. A work of art I must say. I figured out that I could go and ask what was for dinner s right after we came back from our bike trip. I guess I ended up being a little scout for some of our hilarious Australian friends, some of them would come to me and say “Have you found out what’s for dinner yet?”, and I would have two choices to make. One, go and find out or two, tell them what it is… I still can’t figure out parts of what I was told by our fab chef. I also might have mentioned to a couple people that I would love to have Paulo as our chef at home. There are plenty of reasons he should come home with me; the nice and quiet street, very close to the water, nice rooms in our house, and close to restaurants!  I regret one thing though, I didn’t tell Paulo himself, to see if he would L!

                I have a new grandma, sort of. I met her on the Elodie, and I spent lots of time either her or her husband. Their names are Diana and Malcolm, or Mel for short. Mel would always be the sweeper during the time that we were biking, and Diana would be right in front for her. I usually biked right behind our guide Fred, somewhat drafting, right behind him. Although later on I relaxed a bit and talked with Mel and Diana. Diana said to me just before we parted “No more new grandmas right?! I’m the only one” or something like that, at least that was the idea. Malcolm’s good-bye was a handshake, pat on the back, and “you take care of yourself ok?” very manly eh?

                I have so many stories to tell, and not enough time. One of them I will mention now before I forget. On the last day that we biked, we saw some donkeys on someone’s farm.

 Mom said to me “did I tell you that I want a donkey on the farm eh?”

I replied back, “so you want an ass on the farm?”

Mom thought about it for a millisecond and then told me this while laughing  “yeah, well.. Deb will visit every now and then!”

                I wonder, do my ‘little minions’ like it when they are mentioned? I don’t know about Jim and Deb right now, they might feel a bit hurt by the comments there sister has said about them… which is just too bad, because I think they should be taking it as if it were a little love from the first twin, that was born first, not that she thinks she’s better than Deb.

                Anywise, back to the auzzies, mom has just said to me that her feeling have been deeply hurt by a woman named Marilyn, another auzzie on the Bike and Barge tour. Repeatedly mom has said that she has been called names that were not needed, I have no comment on this situation, because they both want me to side on their side… which is a problem because I can’t be on both sides can I? Mom has commented on that already, it was something like ‘I can’t believe you have trouble deciding which side to be on, it shouldn’t be that hard!’ I’ve that some of the comments made by Marilyn are called for, but don’t tell mom… J

                A lot of the time while I was biking, I noticed  couple things. First of all, I noticed that the farm animals could be treated much better, much much better. Another thing was that there was so any farms, farms that we had to bike around with head wind and lots of rain. I thought that the person who made the plans for all of the bike paths should have thought a bit more about how I’d feel, there seemed to be quite a lot of zigzagging that was quite unnecessary. Too bad though. Another thing, while we were biking on our last day, bow and I were biking side by side. There was just Fred ahead of us… and Bow seemed to be smiling. I looked at her again and she said to me…

‘Look!, It’s a dead-end!’ acting as if she was right (which she doesn’t really ever happen)

I looked to where she was pointing, then looked back at her trying really hard not to toll my eyes and replied

‘No Bow, it’s not a dead-end, there’s a corner right there’ or something like that with lots of sympathy.

                The first day of biking I thought doesn’t really count, because we only went 10km. Just around the outside of Amsterdam, it wasn’t much really but I suppose it was meant for something, like checking to make sure that everything was a-ok.

                It was the second day that was a killer. The wind was quite strong, the rain didn’t stop I think, and I was going super slow, and felt like a damp smelly rag. It wasn’t pleasant at all, and there were quite a lot of complaining. Complaining about those sore bums of my good friends, the complaints about the rain and wind, and the odd annoying question that everyone asks, ‘How much farther?’ Fred seemed to take it well, as if it happened all the time.

                I do not remember exactly which day was which, that can be someone else’s job, I’ll just tell some more stories, and what I thought of certain events.

                Never mind, I won’t be telling them now because we are having some problem’s… I’ll explain shortly.  After we left the bike tour, we went exploring Brugge, which was quite bland I thought. I later found out that we didn’t go far enough, in fact,  if we went just 3 blocks further we would’ve saw! I know that because we went back to the boat for our sleep, and our Auzzie friends came in still in party mode telling us fabulous stories.

                The next morning we headed out to the Flanders fields museum, we had to take 3 trains in total to get to Leper, where it was situated. The museum was huge, my family thought it was a little too much for just one short trip to the museum. Within a couple of hours, mom had led us on a ;little German girl marching tour’, we walked fast, almost didn’t stop, and there was quite a lot of info missing! Surprising isn’t it? Then we headed towards the train station, and mom just happened to step in doggie dodo! Hahaha, I’ve always meant to say something immature on a blog or something like it! Anyway, we were on the train when something fishy happened. Some guy sat near us with a piece of paper which he ended up waving at us, quite weird I thought. I ignored him after 2 seconds, which was a very bad decision. Mommy kept an eye on him, which was sort of a good idea, but no one noticed his buddy near the exit sign. We were sitting near the back of the train FYI. So his buddy was just outside of the door. While this nut-case was distracting us, like any doofus would, his buddy stole on of our bags…. Moms bag to be precise. We didn’t notice until we got to Paris (where we are right now…. We’ve moved places since I last typed into word where this was saved, another FYI). Once we got there, and figured out, we were all on full alert, for a good reason, but by chance, some army guys, and a security guy were close by… That was our little problem; mom’s big greany-brown MEC bag was stolen. So now we have shopped a little, mom has a smaller bag, and some cloths. I think someone else will take over now, apparently I’ve written enough.

                Lots of love,


P.S I drove the Elodie! And Someone else wil post more pictures…

Here’s me though! I might put this as my piture for my pic on my own page!