By Cate

We have arrived safely,if a little ruffled, in Paris.  Hesquiat is working away at a detailed account of our adventures this past week so I won’t ruin any surprises. 

However,  I know you must all be wondering and worrying about Lucy.  Where is she?  How is she doing?  Both my co-workers and our new friends from Australia have heard quite a few Lucy stories and I know you’d like to be kept up to date.

Lucy and our sweet old dog Cooper are  staying with our friends Maggie and Michelle.  M & M also have a dog (Ani) and a cat (Chai).  Lucy has been as good as a jack russell can be without the calming influence of her very strict owner.  Michelle reports that she does not come when called, I explained that you just need to call at the right time – preferably when she’s already running toward you.  Lucy may have growled and snapped at the other dogs, resulting in a spray from the water bottle.  Lucy has been very busy hunting mice and catching bees.  She may have run away on an adventure and so Michelle has devised the chair anchor to keep Lucy within sight:

Lucy hunting under difficult conditions


As a result, Lucy is quite exhausted at the end of each day.  Well that should keep all of you Lucy story fans for a bit.  Off to explore Paris today.