I’m thinking that I might take up photography when I get back home because taking pictures is so much more fun.  Especially when you are not home because there are so many new and interesting things to take pics off. I’ve also decided that an architect might be a new career after visiting Berlin and also visiting here in Amsterdam. The buildings are very pretty (as  a teenage girl would say), my favourite building had orange bricks ( bricks another new favourite item) in Berlin but I wasn’t allowed to take a pic cus I didn’t posses the camera. A key to taking a picture.

Walking down our "home" street

Here is my lovely family walking down the street

Aren't they lovely?!

While we were traveling from Berlin to Amsterdam by train a took the camera from the weasel (lil bro) and took pictures. I’ve had it since. 🙂 I will post a slidshow featuring pics from ride l8r. Once a slideshow has been made. Here’s  a good one.

No idea what it says but it looks pretty cool. There's a lot of it.

In Amsterdam I’ve discovered a few things which I don’t see so often in Canada. Like some insanely steep and small stairs, and the little pullies at the top of each house used to bring stuff in like furniture through the windows. Also the people of Amsterdam love to just lock up there bikes and leave them on the street. Some of these bikes are “decorated” in the wierdest ways.

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