by Hesquiat

     Hello everyone! this is my first, so tryb not to be too critical about it. Yesterday, as you might know, we got on a 10 hour plane ride from vancouver to dousledoef (or however it is spelled). it was quite a long flight, too long for me. Mom and i never got one second of sleep during this flight, which was really too bad because that sort of made our afternoon a little crummy. On the other hand, Bow and Mommey both slept, as i recall Bow got around 3 hours of sleep after she took a little graval. mommy got a couple hours. Mom said that during that time, there might have been a little bit of snoring.

As for the food, My my my! if you compared the food to Air Canada (which would be a little bit dumb because Air Canada is just bad), Air Canada would be like the food I could make, and Air Berlin would be the food made by Chef Ramsay! My dinner on the plane was this: a little salad, some type of spaghetti, a bit of bun, and some desert. Mom just said to not go into too much detail, so i shall restrain myself a little. breakfast was just as good on the plane. We watched ‘The Blindside’ and some other movie about some 25 year old going out with someone who was 40ish. they were both very interesting, even though i already saw ‘the Blindside’.

     When we got out of the first airplane ride, we had to go through passport control and security AGAIN! Quite a pain in the butt… but whatever, we then flew over to Berlin, which I slept most of the flight (thank god!) and i believe mom did too. the taxi driver drove quite fast, really fast. Mom decided to give her the nickname ‘Mario Andretti’ for the crazy taxi driving. Then we slept for 2 hours, had mexican dinner, where i learned to speak up or i’ll get something else. for example i asked for a chicken burrito and got a chicken burger instead! I enjoyed the meal anyway. Afterwards, we headed home and got some ice-cream to snack on.

     Holy cow! the beds in the hotel rooms are ssooo good! XD! Once we all hit the bed, within 10 minutes we all were in a nice deep sleep. Bow has decided to try and buy the pillows the hotel uses. I think she’ll have a bit of a hard time finding one, and the hotel probley won’ give her one of theirs.

    The next morning we woke up and headed to the breakfast room down the hall. The food there was very good. They had nutela, sugarcrisp, and a couple signs that made me chuckle like both my grandpas do. We were supposed to go on a tour for free, but ended up being late because of some technical difficulties getting the right info and some timing problems. We hit the road at an fastish pace, then about halfway there, mommy said ‘we won’t get there on time, we need a runner… Hesquiat, you have runners, why don’t you go and run up to get them to wait for us?’ I knew i had no choice at all, and within a jiffy, i was running up the road weaving in and out of the crowd. I got there just after 10:30, by seconds or a minute, and there was no one at our meeting point. 😦 I had to wait for about 10 mins for the rest of my squad to catch up, by then we were all tired of walking and didn’t want to hear the bad news that the touring group left exactly on the dot.

I guess you'r not allowed to fill a atravellers mug

     At this point mom decided that she’ll create a tour for us. I was a little worried because we once got lost in Vietnam when she was leading us from our dinner to our hotel at the time. Instead we looked at the map and found out that the Zoo wasn’t too far off, or so it looked. We took the metro there and back. I hope you like some of the photos i took, some of them are a little blury and out of focus, but hey, i’m not a professiosal.  We saw so many different animals, it was quite an expericence, at one point we walked into the leopards, lions and other cats feeding time. there were lots of loud very low growls, and the ’emotional vibes’ that they were giving off made me a little nervous, no… that’s not the word. I don’t know the word, but it was very interesting having that feeling while watching the cats pacing around or eating. There was one young big leopard that was about 4 years old, which decided to play with it’s food like it was a toy. It took it’s  white rabbit up onto a tree, then slowly moved onto a branch on the tree, rolled on it’s back, rolled over and back onto a platform it was on. during that time, it’s back paws would be coming up and pawing at the rabbit, while the front paws would hold it still, it was quite cute.

loud hungray lions


     Bow and I headed over to the aquarium a little after,, and saw some very large fish, some of the bodies were about 5’6-6 feet long, and about 4-4’5 feet tall. Quite big eh? Then we accidently headed out the emergency exit door (which was open!?) and ended up on the wrong side of the fence. Bow said “wow, we’re on the wrong side!”, and i said something like “jump the fence ya dumby so we can meet the parents.. sheesh!” Was i a little too cruel then? i don’t know, But it was necessary that’s for sure. After we saw some animals that looked like they weren’t happy because they couldn’t see a buddy, or for some other reason. Others decided to take a nap because what else is there to do in a small cage. Wait, no, they weren’t cages, most of them just had massive trenches that outlined the animals grounds. We also saw some sort of animal which i forgot the name of (what a surprise) with the biggest floppy nose i’ve ever seen! It wasn’t like an elephant’s nose, cause there’s is longer and more muscular. If any of you recall the floppy nosed animal from ‘The Ice Age’, that’s what it was, I think I’ll call it ‘The floppyness’. I asked mom what it was like to have such a big nose, and she replied ‘Why don’t you ask Jim (my uncle)? I laughed with her and said, you’re gonna be in trouble.

Floppy Nosed Creatures

              Well… that pretty much concluedes the last couple days I believe. I’ll add a slide show later.  Sorry about all the reading you had to do, I’d hate to read this much… and mom said that readers would prefer shorter paragraphs and a little more pictures.

                peace out ma friends and family,


P.S. The little green man’s name is Dan, after a good school mate of mine that left to go to back mexico for school.