by Cate

With my jack russell,  Lucinda John Russell Fyfe, a.k.a., Lucy Jack, a.k.a. P,  I have reached new heights in dog spoiling.   As an aid to my friends Michelle and Maggie who are dog sitting for us during our trip, I have listed below all the ways one could continue to spoil my dog.

Prepare home cooked meals – she doesn’t really like dog food.

If she growls at you and you’re petting her, stop petting her.

If she growls at you and you’re not petting her, start petting her.

Leave out dirty underwear – she likes these better than raw hide bones.

Buy her new outfits.

Better still, buy yourself a matching outfit, Lucy loves that!

Find her cozy places to sleep - especially in the sun.

Make sure she has her own spot on the couch.

Buy her toys, especially dolls.

Cuddle her often (and share your covers)

Take her to the beach (be sure to bring a good snack)

But never, never scare my dog!