Which netbook to buy and bring? Should we even bring one. Others say that there are very few computer cafes in Europe, now all free WIFI and BYO computer. Alas I don’t want to be hooked in by computer but will need for travel research, bookings and of course, telling tales and sharing pictures.

Then what programs, applications to add to netbook but not overload it. And must add contact lists for postcards, parcels and emails to friends and family.

Then what bags to use. More on that question in an upcoming post when the DTs evaluate the bag choices.

Still sorting the itin out for Turkey and India. Meeting with folks this week and next to chat about their travels and tips. And most fortunate for us, Thomas Barkemeier is our neighbour and offered to draft out an itin for Rajastan. If you speak or read German I encourage you to look at his travel books for India, Thailand, and Vietnam  He is a travel guide from Germany and fortunately for us, also lives down the street!

Have decided it is South Goa, probably Benaulmin, and not Sri Lanka, due to weather. Too bad. But looking forward to Benaulim nonetheless. Would love to hear any recommendations of places in or around Benaulim or other South Goa beach towns.

And exciting for us we are going to spend 2 days in Doha, Qatar in transit from Istanbul to Delhi. We have finalized plans and will stay with Tara, Stewart and Craig in Doha. Very interesting opportunity for our trip.